Refund Policy

Metamorphosis (A Division of Davvydave Ltd.) appreciates the fact that you have chosen us and we value you as our customer.

All requests for account cancellation must be submitted in writing by emailing us from our contact page and selecting ‘Support’ from the Subject drop list. It is necessary to provide a detailed reason for canceling the account. On receipt of the cancellation request we would respond to the request in a positive way in order to meet the requirements and needs in order to correct any issues and provide customer satisfaction.

Please note that if you are a subscriber of more than one service within your account and only cancel one service, there would be no transferable monetary values among any of the other services within your account.

The cancellation of any monthly service means that that service would no longer be billed starting on the date of the cancellation request.

We guarantee that our network will be up and functioning 99.9% of the time per month and believe a safety net of .1% each month allows us time for repairs and any unforeseen events which may arise. If network outage or downtime causes your subscribed service(s) to be down for more than one hour per month (or per each billing cycle) you will receive a refund or a credit on your next bill.