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Every industry has standards. Web Standards are a set of conventions governed by the W3C that provides forward compatibility. Metamorphosis implements XHTML/CSS sites that validate under the W3C standards and Section 508 Accessibility Standards; enabling access to voice interfaces, screen readers, mobile phones and tablet devices.

The advantages of XHTML implementation includes the reduction in bandwidth usage in excess of 50% and quicker download times for slower connections. Designing with web standards provides forward compatibility which will comply with all future browser releases while degrading gracefully with legacy browsers. It is evident that a faster site will translate into a better overall user experience.

"Using web standards and separating structure from presentation brings a host of benefits for today and tomorrow. Today, it means more audience, lower cost to produce new content, and becoming compliant with accessibility requirements. For tomorrow, it means reducing vendor lock-in, reducing cost of maintenance, and having a more flexible web site in terms of presentation."

- Tristan Nitot, Standards and Technology Evangelist, Netscape Communications