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define //
The first step is to define the exact needs, goals and requirements of your organisation. Your job is to enlighten us on your vision, and ours is to bring it to life.
design //
This stage allows us to think about your ideas and requirements allowing us to create sketches or digital prototypes from which a mock-up is derived. When you are completely satisfied with the proposed “look and feel” of the mock-up and functionality, then we move forward with development.
develop //
In the development phase, the web or application UI's drawn up in the design phase will be created and optimized. At this time, database functionality is added if required and standard conventions utilized: such as programming style, site wide (CSS) stylesheets, Content Management Solution, div based layouts and highly optimized code and graphics.
A functional beta version of the site is implemented and every aspect of it is tested thoroughly before an official launch or deployment.
deploy //
The final stage of the site’s creation is deployment. Once it is demonstrated that the web site or application functions as desired and outlined as agreed upon in proposal, it is published for all to see. Only after successful deployment would your site be submitted to search engines and directories and your applications to appropriate platforms.